Ants like the black garden ants or those spying around your table for food are generally harmless. Ants have become a common part of Singapore, and many homes are used to them.

While most often you wouldn’t have to worry about them, some ants can be harmful – the Pharaoh ants, for instance, can transmit germs through contamination. Bites from the red Fire ants can cause severe pain and itchiness as well as inflammation. Some ants, which live in trees, can give nasty stings where the pain lasts for a few days.

What qualifies as an Ant Infestation?

Ants live in colonies where they number in millions. They can overtake your residence and crawl anywhere and everywhere. They can come in contact with food and make you sick. A few ants may stroll in from your garden looking for food and do not qualify as an infestation. An ant infestation will have the following signs.

  • Regular activity: A house infested with ants will have them swarming all over the place. If the problem is not so serious, you can still spot ant trails around the house on a regular basis.
  • Ant colony: Ants live in colonies which itself is a complex social structure. The smaller worker ants scavenge for food and bring it back to the colony. Colonies have a queen ant which is responsible for reproducing.

They are hard to find and stay hidden inside the ant nest. You have to eradicate the queen if you want to end the infestation. Colonies also have soldier ants that protect the ants and queen from harm. Ant hills and other colonies mean your property is ant infested.

It may not always be easy to tell if your house is ant infested. You can request for a professional inspection to know better. Call in ant control in Singapore today and bid adieu to the problem of ant infestation.