Cockroach Signs

Cockroach Control in Singapore

If your home is showing signs of cockroach infestation, it’s time to call in the pest control. Here are some of the ways you could find out if your home’s not as cockroach-free as before.

1. Cockroaches love the night time

Cockroaches are the night lovers, the nocturnal ones. So, one big time sign of the fact that cockroaches have attacked your home is their appearance in night time. Switch off the room lights and switch it on after sometime – you might just see some of them scattering around.

2. Look for the feces

During the day, you can find cockroach feces lying around; especially near the bathroom. Its amount lets you know about the level you are dealing with. Reproduction is quite obvious if they begin to live at your place.

3. Look for the eggs

So, if you find the oval shaped eggs – technically known as ‘oothecae’, which are most likely to be seen in moist places like back of the refrigerator or bed – you should know they are planning big.

4. Search for the bodies

Creepy as it may sound at first, cockroaches die too. And you may find dead bodies in your house, sooner than later.

5. Look around in the backyard

Sometimes, it is through your backyard that cockroaches enter your Singapore home. You would need to have a good look at your garden the next time you’re tending to it.

Call in Cockroach Control Service

If you realize your place is infested by them, you are just a call away from remedy. Cockroach control is what you need. All you need to do is to call cockroach pest control service and leave it to the experts to do their job. From cleaning bathroom sinks to all nooks and crannies around the house, pest control experts know how to wipe out the cockroach population from your home.