Cockroach Solution

What You Can and Should Do

Prior to the experts in cockroach control in Singapore arriving at your location, you need to pull heavier appliances away from the walls, remove any clutter and garbage, and remove any packaged food that is in paper boxes or plastic bags. This food can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

There are many different sprays and bombs that you can buy on the market, but these really only succeed in temporarily driving cockroaches away. They do not eliminate them from your home or business. They are too slow-moving as they drift through the air to do more than deter cockroaches. These insects can move very rapidly to safety and can avoid your attempts at killing them.

dead cockroach

Technicians with experience and training from an established cockroach control service will be able eliminate the problem of cockroach infestation. Furthermore, they will help you point out what may be helping the cockroach population thrive in your home or business.

What Cockroach Control Experts Can Do

Technicians working in cockroach control in Singapore know the different application processes, and which chemicals work best in which areas. Some are better applied to flat surfaces than to vertical ones. Others are specifically developed for applications to corners running from the ceiling to the floor. On the other hand, there are chemicals that can melt linoleum and other materials that are plastic-based, and special care needs to be taken with these. Better cockroach control services know and understand these limitations and requirements of the various chemicals used in cockroach control. After these areas are treated, you can help increase their effectiveness by using caulk to fill in any cracks that you see.

Other aspects of cockroach control can include traps and baits that eliminate any cockroaches that survived the first treatment. Schedule a second treatment at the time of the first one. A heavily infested area may require a third treatment. If you intend on using your own baits and traps before using a technician or cockroach control service, make sure that you change these on a regular basis. Always wash your hands with running water and soap after handling these items.