What They Are and How to Get Rid of Themmosquito

Mosquitoes are a great nuisance, especially during the night when one is sleeping or just resting in the house. During the day, you may encounter a few but they are most active at night. They are known to lay more than 100 eggs during their lifetime, which is around 100 days. Despite their short lifetime, they are known to be very deadly and spread a wide variety of diseases such as Zika virus and Malaria.

The eggs reproduce very quickly and this results in larvae which can found in a shallow pool of stagnant water, a swamp or tanked water. When the larvae grow and become adults, it contributes to an infestation.

What is a mosquito infestation?

This refers to the presence of a large number of adult mosquitoes – both male and female – around a particular area. During an infestation, people and livestock too will experience several mosquito bites which are a result of the female mosquito.

The female mosquito is known to be the carrier of disease-causing agents like viruses. It provides a habitat for viruses and other agents in its saliva. When it bites a person or livestock, the saliva is injected into the blood as it draws blood into its body.

When it bites another person later in the day, it proceeds to pass on the same disease-causing agents. This is how mosquitoes spread diseases like Zika virus and Malaria. Once a mosquito has bitten a person, you will find the person scratching the area.

The mosquito injects its own protein close to the skin and this is what results in itching. A red bump will appear around the area bitten and one way to prevent scratching yourself is by taking a spoon and heating the base. When it’s warm, place it on the bitten area and it will eliminate the proteins.

When do infestations happen?

In Singapore, this happens during the warm weather season. This period is characterized by high temperatures which result in rain. Rain leads to the collection of water as stagnant pools around the home or on a farm. The female mosquito takes this opportunity to lay the eggs. In case of floods, the eggs will be washed away but after the water dries up, breeding will begin. So many are hatched and this increases their numbers exponentially, making it hard to get rid of. You can always count on a mosquito fogging service to help get rid of mosquitoes.

How to prevent infestation

  1. Drain any stagnant water – you need to drain any water that is stagnating around the home or farm. It can breed in the feeders for the livestock, in unused tanks or on the property. This will eliminate a breeding ground for the female mosquito.
  2. Call a mosquito control service in Singapore. They are the best in what they do and they are well equipped. They will help you get rid of the infestation ensuring a safe environment.
  3. Keep your gutters clean as they collect pools of water, especially when drainage is not good.
  4. Ensure that your pipes are not leaking outdoors as they help to create pools of water too.
  5. Maintain your swimming pool and spa by using pool treatment chemicals. This will prevent the female mosquito from laying eggs. You can also invest in pool covers as they can help to prevent the intrusion of mosquitoes.